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Shadow Hearts III: Two Point Ambience

Disclaimer: Characters such as Johnny, Shania,and all other of the Shadow Hearts Searies are property of Aruze.

Dedications: God, my friends, my family, my readers, Aruze, and X-SEED for bringing this game to us American fans.

Special dedication to: Tiger5913, for Inspiring me to dive into my head and pull out this Magical Bunny. :)

Shadow Hearts III: Two Point Ambience
by Mewtwo1gb

“This is it.”
The Female Warrior stated, staring at the Altar in which the Moana Village Elder said would be the key to releasing the Blue light. The light that was capable of opposing the Red light of Malice.
“ It looks like the Gate hasn’t opened yet.” said, the short blond detective in a hopeful tone.
The whole group knew that this would mean that this was their chance to seal the Gate and stop all its horrors before they were released upon this world.
Shania gave Johnny a nod of agreement and walked over to the altar of The Tower of Salt. When Shania brought the already low glowing ring in the altar’s light, the ring’s glow grew, as if being nourished by bathing in the descending light. The blond Native American couldn’t see past its radiance to line up the ring with its slot, so she just dropped it in the general area figuring it would go in itself. With a ‘cling’ it found its way to its resting place. Then, Shania and the others looked to Johnny.
Taking a step forward and feeling around in his jacket, Johnny looked a the open slot next the ring who was waiting for its mate.
“Its kind of weird.” Finding the ring and holding it in his hand “It feels just like a wedding!” Johnny said facing Shania with wide eyed and a telling grin “Right!?”
In that moment, Shania saw the boy’s big green eyes with dilated pupils, and she saw the glimmer of hope it contained. She saw his faint smile of happiness, and she too was caught up in his joy, feeling what he was feeling. Regaining her senses, she was perplexed as to how that look from Johnny captured her so. Shania had to say something fast so no one could catch-on to her feeling for Johnny, she didn’t want anyone to find-out.
“Don’t be silly, just come on” she said. ‘good, no one caught on’ Shania thought to herself relieved that no one detected her slight hesitation. In reality, she didn’t need to worry about anyone seeing her hesitation, because it was too quick, even though to her it felt like a full 60 seconds of just taking in the look on Johnny’s face.
Unfortunately for Johnny, Shania’s cover-up was so quick that he, the detective, didn’t detected it anything else but just a scolding from Shania out of annoyance.
“Right.” Johnny muttered looking away with a sad, depressed expression.
Johnny dragged his feet over to the altar and held the ring over the remaining slot.
From out of nowhere, Johnny felt a sensation that originated from the palm of his left hand and traveled through to the other side, knocking the ring out of his hand. By the time he heard the sound of the small dagger stick into the floor and the fumbling of the ring, his brain finally registered the sensation in his hand... as Pain.
Gripping his hand, Johnny knelt to his knees, grunting to deal with this newly found pain.“Johnny” Natan yelled in concerned as everyone took a step closer to him to see where he was struck. A vile, cold feeling of dread washed over Natan as he became aware that he was caught off guard and that he was unable to protect the boy. Powerlessness was a feeling was worse than death to Natan, multiply that by a hundred when came to protecting his friends. He and the others turn to find the attacker, there wasn’t must of surprise when they saw the out stretched arm of a man in black a red, who already made his first move.
“Pretty good. If you’ve been a hair closer...” smiled the man, the man who gave Al-Capone And the Police trouble in the past, which Mao knew all too well.
“Killer!” Johnny exclaimed, now overriding pain with the fear of Killer being in the same room with Shania.
Ricardo was reminded of the pain and hatred that filled his heart ever since Edna’s his own hands.“Come to Bother us again?!!”
Killer talked, but Ricardo was to angry to listen to a word he said; he was sure nothing Killer said really held any importance. Still everyone, even Ricardo, listened up has he noticed Killer's voice growing closer.
Killer says as he approaches.“ ... All I really want to do is grand Lady her wish! But you guys, you keep FOLLOWING US around!! And messing with our business.”
“Tell me this Killer! What if her wish is to destroy the world?!” The Spiritualist replied.
This was news to Killer “She wants to destroy the world??” Killer took a moment to think, review his priorities “...Well.”
“He-hehehehehahaha, big deal. As long as it’s what Lady wants it fine with me.” No one in this world cared about him, no one has ever stuck by Killer’s side, healed his wounds, listen to him like Lady has.
“Hmm. So those Rings are what make these ruins work?! Hand them over right now.”
Frank then felt a dire need to defeat Killer, thereby protecting his buddies and saving The States. Frank gave a quick glance around to see if there was anything around to whack him with, too bad the Altar was firmly attached to the floor.
The thoughts in Hilda’s head, visions of heroic triumphs and the popularity and admiration she would get from all her fans after this, sent her blood soaring in her slim body, well... Other people’s blood.
“And while your at it...Hand over your life!!”
“No! To Both!” Johnny replied as the Malevolent energies from Johnny made itself known with a ‘Clash' now emanated from his blide.
The Battle Began

The Battle Ends.
“How did you...”
Was all Killer could say before falling to the floor.
“Is he dead? Ah man.” Johnny wondered with a small sense remorse.
“Johnny, now’s our chance.” Shania wanted to get this over with.
“ye-yeah” Johnny got the fallen ring from Natan and gave a confirming “Hmmm.”
The Blond couple came to the Altar once more, in hope of sealing the Gate’s power. Hilda checked behind her on Killer to see if he was out cold. ‘Yep he is as dead as they come, no chance of him pulling anything out of his sleeve this time’ She thought. But still, something didn’t feel right. Maybe she needed some more ... red nectar. She remembered the sweet taste of Johnny’s blood the first time she changed shape, ‘his ivory neck is starting to look pretty appetizing’ thought Hilda. She like the way the salt on Johnny’s neck sparkle in the Altar’s light, ‘maybe when we leave I’ll lag behind with Johnny and find a secluded area to have a little snack.’
To bad for Johnny she wasn’t the only one who wanted a piece of him that day.
Faster than anyone could blink, Johnny was forced around to receive Killer’s body that was being pressed against his, and a split second later he knew Killer left something for him to find as he took some steps away. “Hhhahaahahahaha. Jerk! Thats what you get for not killing me before when you still had the chance.” Everyone Stared at Johnny is disbelief, not wanting it to be true, not ready to say goodbye.
“Johnny!” Shania muttered, feeling a lack of strength and powerless to do anything else at the sight. Johnny stumbled to maintain his balance, but one can only stand for so long without a beating heart. As if finishing the job, Killer’s dagger brought down the joyful spirited teenager. Shania feel to her knees and reached for Johnny, hoping his hand would take hers.
But... Just when she was about to take Johnny into her arms she was blinded by some light, she fell away and held up her arms to take some of the sting away from her eyes. Shania, sitting on the ground against the Altar, recognized the color of the light emanating from Johnny when her eyes adjusted…. The color was Red.
“Malice?!!? From Johnny?!?”
As Johnny’s body was lifted from the floor and enveloped in the red haze, Killer couldn't wrap his mind round this one. Not a moment ago Johnny’s body lay there, breathless. How was it that Johnny was still moving, even though he KILLED Him. The general rule was once your dead...YOUR DEAD!!! Everyone who dies remains dead!!! ‘There just no way he could...unless..’
“Lady?!?” For that was exactly what the characteristic of the revealed form resembled after it came to view. “No!!?!!” resembled, but Lady he was not.
As he stood there, Johnny felt disjoined, distant even, from his body; he also knew that he wasn’t alone. Looking toward the first sound he heard, Killer came into view. A flood of hatred saturated him, guiding his path toward Killer. Johnny didn’t resist, he actually was compelled to follow the wills of the entities in, around, and of him.
The Awakened spirits of Red and Johnny proceeded.
Killer flew across the remainder of the room and slammed in to the closed doors, and fell to the floor. Only the Awaker’s still elevated leg indicated the type of attack.
“Uhhh... What The Hell is this!” Killer strained and made it to his feet. Killer tried to understand what was happening, but the sharp pain of rip fractures sticking into his lungs was too distracting. It wouldn’t have mattered anyways, logic had no place here. “Uhh… Damn you!!!” Killer said and he fled.
“Johnny? Is that you?” He turned and Shania fell into his sights. The Hatred returned, or what seemed like hatred. Johnny didn’t comprehend this feeling in association with This woman. The Awaker now stood before her, with a fist raised poised to strike. With this, the Malunion between Johnny and the unknown collective broke. This was something he did not want to do, however they were much stronger, he felt the rest of his body go numb. In that split moment, Johnny found something other than the dark intentions of the unknown masses, something that was being suppressed. They were willing to help him.
The Awaker froze in a locked stare with Shania, inside the Awaker, Johnny and that of the repressed were losing control of mind and body. The mass consciousness that was the Awaker, met Ricardo who was now hold him back along with Natan from behind. “Get a hold of yourself, you Damn Fool!” An elbow and a knee later, they were both out and on the ground.
In an odd combination of the Ill Will’s search for a victim and Johnny’s need for comfort, Awaker’s eyes returned to Shania’s. “Boy? What has gotten in to you?” Awaker found Frank and the others. “Johnny, don’t do it!” Awaker found Shania again. It didn’t matter who was next, just as long as he or it could inflict as much pain as possible before he kills them. “Could you be... The same as that woman now?”
When Shania regain consciousness the glint of the fallen ring caught her eye. She made her way to it and remembered the words of the Moana Village Elder.
“...And it is said, ‘at the very top of this tower... there is an Altar inside of which has been sealed... a brilliant Blue light... capable of opposing the Red light of Malice’.” She grabbed the ring
“...In the words of the white man’s language, they used the word ‘Will’.”

“Johnny.” Shania called in a soft, affectionate voice ...and placed the ring next to its partner. The rings glow intensified until they were indistinguishable, as if one.
The couple's eyes meet. Johnny, now soo faraway, marveled at Shania’s incredible beauty amongst the enveloping bright blue light. He began to feel better, the willful eneities had strengthen and now completely tied up the Malaicious beings, leaving his body open to only himself now. Johnny was able to feel is fingers again, he could almost smile.
As the light started to envelop him, he grew tired and so closed his eyes in a calm and open embrace with the bright light.
As the light intensified, Shania and Johnny’s
Forms were indistinguishable,
As If They
Were One

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For those of you that DO reply...well becareful, I just might plage you with another story! :/


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