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From The New World is mah fav of all the Shadow Hearts (yeah I know i suck) so I was so happy to find this place! :D  Fav characters are Johnny, Killer, and Lady!

Hey everyone, I currently making a Shadow Hearts: From the New World Music Video.

I have a few videos, but I need more...

Any videos, and I mean ANY THING WOULD BE GREAT! :D   Like Battles or non FMV Movie sequences or FMV sequences.

Thanks, I'll link the finished project here when I'm done! :3

And for Otakon a friend and I are trying to get as many FTNW cosplayers as possible.  We have a Hilda, Lady and maybe Shania.

ninja, assassin, Bakuryu

Ricardo is TEH SEX... and salutations to all!

Hey, everone! First post! ^^ I just wanted to say hi, and do a little shameless self-plug. I've written 3 fics so far on FTNW, which are available on FanFiction.Net, and I wanted to share them, so here are the links! (Johnny x Shania) (Various pairings) (Johnny x Shania)

P.S. Leave a review and I'll give you a cookie. A chocolate chip one... :D
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Welcome to my Fan Community dedicted to the third game "Shadow Hearts: From the New World" for the PS2!!!!

Please join and post anything related only to the third "Shadow Hearts" game.

Ex: MP3's, Links, Pics, Icons, etc.
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